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Nice and Free CSS Templates

This site contains free css templates for your website - Just copy and paste and there you have a stunning website !

Menu und content

Menu fixed, content

position of the tiling is dependent on the value of background-position.


BODY {background-image: url(bg41.gif);}
H2 {background-image: url(;}


BODY {background-position: top center;}
directions along the specified axis. The repeating of a background image begins with Menu und content

3 columns all

4 columns all

Menu floating

Menu fix, Inhalt u.
Head dynamic

3 columns fix

dynamic mit
Head und Footer

fixed BOX centered

dynamic BOX

fixed Box total

<IMG SRC="foo.gif" STYLE="clip: rect(10px, auto, auto, 0);">

The auto values will set the clippingrectangle's bottom to align with the bottom of the image, andthe right edge to the right edge of the image. The value of0 for left keeps the left edgeof the clipping rectangle against the left edge of the image, but the10px for top moves the top edgeof the clipping rectangle downward 10 pixels. This will cause the top10 pixels of the image to become effectively invisible. the window itself -- and the wider the window, the worse thesituation becomes.

Figure 7-20

Figure 7-20. The dangers of document-wide negative-margin rules

Using negative margins with block-level elementssuch as these can quite obviously be dangerous and is rarely worththe trouble -- but it can also be rewarding. It takes a good dealof practice, and many mistakes, to learn to tell the differencebetween the two.