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Nice and Free CSS Templates :focus

Similar to :hover is :focus, which is used to define styles for elements that are "in focus." A form element, for example, has "focus" when it is currently ready to accept input. Therefore, the background of INPUT elements could be set to yellow in order to highlight the currently active input:

This site contains free css templates for your website - Just copy and paste and there you have a stunning website !

Menu und content

Menu fixed, content

Menu und content

3 columns all

4 columns all

Menu floating

Menu fix, Inhalt u.
Head dynamic

3 columns fix

dynamic mit
Head und Footer

fixed BOX centered

dynamic BOX

fixed Box total
clipping region by using the propertyoverflow-clip.



rect(<top>,<right>, <bottom>,

This is important to bear in mind because a common mistake is toforget to declare a border style. This leads to all kinds of authorfrustration because at first glance, the styles appear correct. Theresult, though, is a paragraph with no border:

P {margin: 5px; border-width: 20px;}

Since the default value of border-style isnone, failure to declare a style is exactly thesame as declaring border-style:value present, you can omit all the rest. Therefore, it's possible to set just the background color using the shorthand property, which is a very common practice:

BODY {background: white;}

This is perfectly legal, and in some ways preferred, given the reduced number of keystrokes. In addition, it has the effect of setting all of the other background properties to their defaults, which means that background-image will be set to none. This helps ensure readability by preventing element, the inline box will be the same as the content area.