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Nice and Free CSS Templates

that it's dependent on the content of the element, as in a normal paragraph -- then both top and bottom for any positioned element within that containing block are treated as auto.

In addition, even though they don't explicitly say so, the examples in this section (and the next few sections) are all based around absolute positioning. Since absolute positioning is the simplest scheme in which to demonstrate how top, right, bottom, and

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Menu und content

Menu fixed, content

Menu und content

3 columns all

4 columns all

Menu floating

Menu fix, Inhalt u.
Head dynamic

3 columns fix

dynamic mit
Head und Footer

fixed BOX centered

dynamic BOX

fixed Box total

Yes, that's really all there is to it. One simple url value, and you're putting images in for bullets, as you can see in Figure 7-81.

Figure 7-81

Figure 7-81. Using images as bullets

Of course, you should exercise care in the images you use, as this example makes painfully clear (shown in Figure 7-82):

UL LI {list-style-image: url(big-ohio.gif);}
Figure 7-82

Figure 7-82. Using really big images as bullets

padding of an element, and this padding will "inherit"the element's background. Negative values are not permitted.


text-alignIE4 Y/P IE5 Y/Y NN4 Y/P Op3 Y/-

This sets the horizontal alignment ofthe text in an element, or more precisely, defines to which side ofthe element the line-boxes are aligned. The valuejustify is supported by programmatically adjustingthe letter- and word-spacing of the line's content, and resultsmay vary by user agent.

#navbar A:link {color: yellow;}

This will change the color of hyperlinks within the navigation bar without affecting other hyperlinks throughout the document.

6.1. Colors

There is really only one type of color in CSS, and that's plain, solid color. If you set the background of a page to be red, then the entire background will be the same shade of red. This is no different than what's been possible in