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MENU left

Menu with fixed width.

#left {


All templates are XHTML 1.0 and CSS2/ tableless.
3 columns layout grid. All colums are fixed and centered.
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LI {margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 15px;}

Thus, each list item has a 10-pixel top margin and a 15-pixel bottom margin. However, when the list is rendered, the distance between adjacent list items is 15 pixels, not 25. This is because along the vertical axis, adjacent margins are said to be collapsed. In other words, the smaller of the two margins is eliminated in favor of the larger. Figure 7-16 shows the difference between collapsed and uncollapsed margins.

Figure 7-16

Figure 7-16. Collapsed versus uncollapsed margins

html { padding:0px; margin:0px; } body { background-color: #e1ddd9; font-size: 12px; color:#564b47; text-align:center; margin:0px; padding:0px; } #box { width:750px; margin: 0px auto; padding:0px; text-align:left; } #content { width:400px; padding:0px; float:left; background-color:#fff; overflow: auto; } #head { background-color:transparent; }

shown here will match the following two INPUT tags, respectively:

INPUT[type="radio"] {color: #333333;}
INPUT[type="checkbox"] {color: #666666;}
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="r2" VALUE="A ">
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="c3" VALUE="one ">

This allows you to dispense with the classes altogether, at least in this instance. See the Chapter 10, "CSS2: A Look Ahead", for more details on how this kind of selector" of horizontal formatting: (from the left) margin-left, border-left, padding-left, width , padding-right, border-right, and margin-right. These are illustrated in Figure 8-9. The values of these seven properties must equal the value of width for an element's parent.

Figure 8-9

Figure 8-9. The "seven properties" of horizontal formatting

Only three of these seven properties can be set to