All templates are XHTML 1.0 and CSS2/ tableless.

MENU floating
layout grid with a floating menu on the left.
The menu is fixed in it's width. The height adjusts to the content.
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html {
body {
background-color: #e1ddd9;
font-size: 12px;
font-family: Verdana, Arial, SunSans-Regular, Sans-Serif;
padding:0px 20px;
#content {
border:1px solid #564b47;

Applies to

all elements


Percentage values refer to the width of the parent element.

background color is applied to both the element's content boxand its padding, as illustrated in
Figure 6-14:

P {background-color: gray;}
Figure 6-14

Figure 6-14. Background gray for paragraphs

If you wish the color to extend out a little bit from the text in theelement, then you need only add some padding to the mix, with theresult shown in Figure 6-15:

P {background-color: gray; padding: 10px;}


BODY {background-repeat: no-repeat;}
border-rightIE4 P/P IE5 P/Y NN4 N/N Op3 P/-

This shorthand property defines thewidth, color, and style of the right border of an element. The usualcaveats about border-style apply.border-right-widthIE4 P/P IE5 P/Y NN4 B/B Op3 Y/-

Sets thewidth of the right border of an element, which will inherit theelement's background, and may have a foreground of its own (seeborder-style). Negative length values are notpermitted.