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This area should be horizontally and vertically centered.
This text stays left aligned
ie mac doesn't like this!
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 First, note that HTML ignores 
carriage returns           and 
extra spaces.<BR>You have to specify line breaks. First, note that HTML ignores carriage returns and extra spaces. 
You have to specify line breaks. 


P SPAN {font-weight: bolder;} /* maps to '700' */

As we can see, the weight 100 is assigned to the normal font face, but the value of font-weight is still 100. Thus, the SPAN text (which is set to be bolder) will inherit the value of 100 and then evaluate to the next-heaviest face, which is the Bold face and which has a numerical weight of 700. Figure 5-11 shows us the visual result of all this.text-alignIE4 Y/P IE5 Y/Y NN4 Y/P Op3 Y/-

This sets the horizontal alignment of the text in an element, or more precisely, defines to which side of the element the line-boxes are aligned. The value justify is supported by programmatically adjusting the letter- and word-spacing of the line's content, and results may vary by user agent.


text-indentIE4 Y/Y IE5 Y/Y NN4 Y/Y Op3 Y/-

Used to set the indentation of the first line of an element. This is most often used to create a tab

Note that the positioned element has padding, a double border, and a slightly different background color. In Figure 9-2, it has no margins, but if it did, they would create blank space between the borders and the offset edges. This would make the positioned element appear as though it did not completely fill the lower-right quarter of the containing block. In truth, it would do so, but this would not be immediately apparent to the eye. In other words, the following two sets of styles would have the same visual appearance, assuming the containing block to be 100 ems high by 100 ems wide: