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This area should be horizontally and vertically centered.
This text stays left aligned
ie mac doesn't like this!
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shorthand property for the other font properties. Any of these valuesmay be omitted except for font-size andfont-family, which are always required for a validfont declaration. Note the following incorrect examples.


This is used to declare a specific fontto be used, or a generic font family, or both. Note that the use of aspecific font family is dependent on the user having said fontinstalled on the system. Thus the use of generic font families isside. Any type of color value can be used, from named colors to hexadecimal and RGB values.

P {border-style: solid; border-width: thick;
border-color: black rgb(25%,25%,25%) #808080 silver;}

Figure 7-43 shows us varying shades of gray for borders. Thanks to the grayscale nature of this book, I've been sticking mostly to shades of gray, but any color could be used. If you wanted an H1 with a red, green, blue, and yellow border, it's this easy:

Because top is set to 0, and bottom and height are set to auto, the user agent is free to size the element so that it's just tall enough to display its own content, and no taller. This happens thanks to the revised rules for calculating the height and width of absolutely positioned elements, which were published in an errata to the original specification.

Note that the fact that we set an explicit width helped matters. Since the user agent knew how wide the element should be, it was a