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This area should be horizontally and vertically centered.
This text stays left aligned
ie mac doesn't like this!
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There are two of them, both in the first column, so that makes thingsa lot easier. Obviously, they're left-floating images. Theinteresting part will be recreating the way they hang out into theblank space to the left of the column.

If we just give these pictures the style float:left, they'll be completely contained withinthe column. However, since the first column has a left margin, all wehave to do is give images a negative margin-left,like this: there is no apparent difference between the EM and I elements. In practice, not every font is so sophisticated as to have both an italic face and an oblique face, and even fewer web browsers are sophisticated enough to tell the difference when both faces do exist.

Figure 5-26

Figure 5-26. More font styles

If either of these is the case, a few things can happen. If there is no Italic face, but there is an Oblique face, then the latter can be used for the former. If the situation is reversed -- an Italic